Portomarín, Sarria

Taking it Slow

By Graham P. Group 4   We started the day with a nice breakfast at the hotel, then Ian Z. and I left for the 14-mile hike ‪around 8 a.m‬. We decided to walk slower which let us take in the landscape and talk with other pilgrims. We walked with some nice older ladies from… Read More Taking it Slow


Shopping in León

By Chaselle M. Group 5 We check out of out hotel rooms at noon today but our group doesn’t need to leave for the train station until 13:30. I head out in the morning to see a bit more of León before we leave this beautiful, but expensive place. I run into Lukens-Bull on my… Read More Shopping in León


A Steep Climb

By Andre S. Group 3 Today we hiked up to the chapel and monument to Roland. A small group of us had done this hike last night, and as a small group it seemed easier. In the morning, sore from hiking the night before, it felt much longer and steeper. When we reached the top,… Read More A Steep Climb


The Time Has Come

By Madalin L. Group 2 I am ready to go. I’m all packed up and my boots are broken in. In a few short hours, I’ll be on my way. Yet, oddly it almost doesn’t feel like it. I previously completed a study abroad to Italy last summer and I still remember the mess of… Read More The Time Has Come


Lost in Barcelona

By Andrew J., Samantha A., Nicholas I. Group 1 Our stay in Barcelona, although short, provided us just enough time to wander through the new and old. We got lost both physically and mentally in a new place. While we were able to see multiple cathedrals and different parts of the city, the sights are only part… Read More Lost in Barcelona


Modern Pilgrim Traditions

By Amarilys S. Group 5 Going on a medieval pilgrimage is a tremendous experience filled with tradition and modern innovations, questions of authenticity, and a sense of the ethereal, as the past and the present meet and create a cultural phenomenon. Considering the past and reflecting on the present, I am able to compare certain… Read More Modern Pilgrim Traditions


A Sense of Longing

By Andre S. Group 3 Throughout my life I have traveled only within North America. While those adventures were incredibly unique in their own way, I’ve always wanted to go to Europe and experience something completely different. This desire to travel to Europe grew dramatically in high school when I saw several close friends of mine visit… Read More A Sense of Longing


I am Ready to Go!

By Ian T. Group 6 I have just finished packing and believe I have brought enough (I’ll find out in Spain). The most important item I have pack is probably my shoes. They will provide great comfort as we walk El Camino. I have packed my Cousineau book to read on the plane, so I should… Read More I am Ready to Go!


My Mind is in Spain

By Graham P. Group 4 El Camino de Santiago is something that i have wanted to do ever since my cousin decided to walk it  in a couple years ago, so you could say I have had the longing to do this for quite some time now. My call happened earlier this spring when I… Read More My Mind is in Spain


My Calling Was Simple

By Nicholas I. Group 1 I think the two most important things I am bringing on this trip are probably the moleskin for blister protection and my comfortable boots that will hopefully not give me the blisters I’m hoping to prevent. Even with the strong chance of getting horrible blisters, I am still extremely determined… Read More My Calling Was Simple