Camino de Santiago, Looking Back

We Reached our Destination

By Kalee F.
Group 3

So the trip is over, it’s time to go home. We reached our destination, despite some bumps in the road. I have received my Compostela; my pilgrimage has ended. Now every road I take is carrying me home, my time on the pilgrimage roads is over. Homeward bound is a very different feeling than the beginning of an adventure. I have much to reflect over on these roads that take me home instead of the excited expectations that filled my mind at the beginning of the journey. We experienced and learned so much on this trip, now is the time that we get to apply it to our lives at home, because sadly we must return and leave the Camino behind. For me, I know that the Camino will stay with me and I will always remember it. I would like to think that the Camino will remember us too. I hope it remembers us as the small group of college students from Florida that walked its trails and met its patrons. I’m glad that we left our mark on the Camino, because it definitely left its mark on me.