Las Huelgas

Our Second Day of Classes

By Graham P.
Group 4

We started the day with breakfast at the hotel and then headed to the University of Burgos where we had our second day of classes. We learned about mapping an area from Dr. Ron and then had some free time to map an area but my group was not assigned to this for today. We then headed to the Monastery of Las Huelgas where our new friend Marcos gave us a tour. The monastery was beautiful and peaceful. After this we were free for the day so Andrew, Gloria, Allie and I went to dinner at a place our local friend, Lara, recommended, where we tried different types of local food and split the bill of only 26 euros for a lot of really great food. After this we went out to a couple night spots that our university friends recommended. It was a really fun and busy day followed by an interesting night out on the town where I was able to practice my Spanish with some local girls.