The Enchanting Beauty of Roncesvalles

By Ian Z. Group 3

Today was a mystical and exciting day in the town of Roncesvalles, in the mountains of the Basque country just a few kilometers from the French/Spanish border. We all woke up early to hike to a nearby church to recite the Song of Roland. It was so foggy out that it almost fell like rain and you could see the fog drift down the hills everywhere we went. We all chanted the song and imagined what it may have been like when Roland came through here long ago.

After the Song of Roland, some of us decided to hike further and explore the area. We came across the indigenous cows and horses along the path. There were many Spanish Civil War bunkers all along the path which were abandoned after the war. We were able to go into some of them. Everywhere we went was enchantingly beautiful.