Camino de Santiago

Last Day of Walking

By Chaselle M.
Group 5

Thank you! Today is our last day of walking. Ending on a twelve miler, which sounds pretty far, but when that’s the only event on your agenda for the day — you have more than enough time. The weather was the most comfortable for me today there were even some points in the walk where I actually felt hot! Our first stop on the Camino today was to grab popsicles. Inside we saw two friends we had met the night before at dinner — Todd and Bre from Seattle. It seems to be a trend that right after we buy popsicles that the Camino path rises and we have to trek uphill whilst eating a popsicle. This is tiring. Along the walk I am surprised to see a Red Bull tent set up including chairs, Red Bull ladies passing out drinks, and even a DJ. We stopped at an eating area with tables next to a souvenir tent. It’s quite a trek to reach the hotel Nest Style but we finally make it and we’re also, and most importantly, finally done walking the Camino.