You’ll Never Really Know Until You Get There

By Cogan R.
Group 2

This is a trip I will hopefully carry with me for the rest of my life. I’ve been wanting to travel outside of the United States of America for so long I was willing to jump on any opportunity I saw. This was not only an opportunity, but an opportunity to learn and progress my knowledge. It’s kind of scary in some way to travel to country that I’ve only read about, but also exciting at the same time. The United States is a relatively young country with a history that is linked to many others while Spain is a country that has a history far beyond its current state. It’s exciting and something I’ll try to carry with me as long as possible.

To prepare myself I’ve brought along everything that I’ll think I’ll need with me on the trip from spare shoes, Band-Aids, medicine, and a Swiss Army Knife. I’m not entirely sure what to expect once I reach Spain — sure, you can read about it all you want — but you’ll never really know until you get there.