Hoping to Grow Immensely

By Anastasia C.
Group 4
I had expectations for the first day of walking that didn’t end up becoming reality. And that’s a good and bad thing. It was a good thing because I was thinking that my feet would be sore and in bad condition afterwards but that didn’t end up happening for me which is a relief. It was a bad thing because I was hoping to get more out of the first day of walking. I was hoping to grow immensely from the walk itself but the truth is this trip has already made me grow as a person and for that I am thankful.
The walk itself was peaceful and MOSTLY leisurely. Seeing other pilgrims along the walk who are motivated just as you are to get to the end is a cool thing to witness. There were some steep obstacles to get over but they always leveled out in the end.
The wide, open fields. The stone walls along every path. The yellow arrows guiding the way. The landscape along the Camino is something I don’t think I’ll ever forget.