Portomarín, Sarria

Taking it Slow

By Graham P.
Group 4
We started the day with a nice breakfast at the hotel, then Ian Z. and I left for the 14-mile hike ‪around 8 a.m‬. We decided to walk slower which let us take in the landscape and talk with other pilgrims. We walked with some nice older ladies from Ireland and kept bumping into them off and on throughout the day. We stopped at about five or six cafes which was a nice way to stretch out the walk. We decided to go even slower the next day to enjoy the hike instead of getting into town early with nothing to do. Fourteen miles later, our feet were sore and we had a huge appetite. Our hotel had a pool and it felt really nice to cool off after the hike. It was a great first day and we’re ready for sixteen miles tomorrow. ¡Buen camino!