Longing, Calls and Departures

By Ian Z.
Group 3

As we get ready to depart on our journey to the Camino de Santiago, the teachings of Cousineau stay with us. Each of us on this journey has our own longing, call, and way of departure.

For me, my “Longing” is to experience a new foreign country that is rich in the history I love to study. The fact that this counts as credits towards my major, which I need, makes it even more worth while.

My “Call” for this journey is the opportunity provided by the University, the Camino scholarship, and my need to travel. These made the trip possible for me and why I ultimately decided to go.

My “Departure” is the plane ride and the wonderful group of pilgrims I’m going with. These both make the travel to the Camino de Santiago possible and well worth while.