I Keep Packing and Unpacking

By Alison B.
Group 2

This trip is giving me a chance to finally travel abroad. I chose this study abroad because it was faculty-led and for my major. I figured it would be a good first experience and give me structure before traveling alone, which is definitely helping my nerves. The preparation has been a bit of a struggle, I keep packing and unpacking, changing bags and changing back (I still haven’t finished packing due to this…), let’s just say I’m a very indecisive person when it comes to packing (and a few other things). The biggest items for me are my two journals, my personal and the pilgrim’s journal for the courses (just about the only items that haven’t changed). The closer it gets, the more excited I become yet, I feel like I’m in limbo since my daily routine has been thrown out the window and my trip hasn’t fully begun. I’m ready for my experiences to begin and finally be in Spain. This trip isn’t just about traveling and studying for me — it’s about new experiences, overcoming fears, and reflection.