We extend our thanks to the following University of North Florida departments and units for their assistance with this project and support to make it happen.

Academic Affairs, Provost Earle Traynham
Center for Instruction and Research Technology
Department of History
Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work
Department of Undergraduate Studies
International Center

We are proud to partner with the UNF Digital Humanities Initiative, dedicated to promoting collaboration on interdisciplinary projects that combine the use of technology with materials and methodologies from the Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences. The UNF Pilgrimage Project combines interdisciplinary approaches with digital and STEM technologies and applies them to the study of pilgrimage. The broad definition pilgrimage employed by the project encompasses the flow of people, ideas, technology and trade along a sacred or spiritual route. This project focuses on the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain.

Special thanks to:

Dr. Nuria Ibanez, Jesús González Ortega and Elena Vicente Domingo for their assistance with planning and securing the relationship with the University of Burgos.

Marianne Roberts for her gracious assistance at every stage of this project; the faculty and students at the University of Burgos, especially Elena Vicente Domingo, Jesús González Ortega, Lara Recio, David Ibañez and Marcus Iturriga for introducing us to the rich culture and history of Burgos; and finally, Terry Nobriga, translator, fixer, and cultural liaison.

Chris Baynard, Associate Professor in the Coggin College of Business, for his support with the UNF Camino Project and the UNF Digital Humanities Initiative.

John Frank, Assistant Director of the Taylor Leadership Institute, for developing the leadership component of the two courses offered for this journey.

UNF International Studies for their assistance with promoting the program.