Life Changing, Magical, and Truly Amazing

By Samantha A.
Group 1

My cousin was a world traveler, as he traveled he blogged about it, and sadly when he traveled to Cambodia he caught some form of bug and passed away at the age of 30. He described the Camino de Santiago as “life changing, magical, truly amazing, and a necessary thing to do once in your life.” He also told me that if I want to actually see the world, meet people from all over the globe, I have to do the Camino, so here I am! I changed from a BioMed major to an International Studies/Business major due to the fact I want to travel and have a job abroad. I want to find myself, push myself to walk miles and miles each day, as well as to gain more knowledge on the Camino de Santiago’s history and overall pilgrimage. I have been over here in Europe for the past two months now, and am not at all tired of the new adventures. I am very excited to see the beautiful landscapes of Spain and to be able to learn through travel rather than through a textbook. I truly cannot wait for this new adventure to begin.