Lost in Barcelona

By Andrew J., Samantha A., Nicholas I.
Group 1

Our stay in Barcelona, although short, provided us just enough time to wander through the new and old. We got lost both physically and mentally in a new place. While we were able to see multiple cathedrals and different parts of the city, the sights are only part of the experience. The smells and sounds associated with the different areas helped us step out of our everyday routines and get us started on the right foot for our trip.

It was interesting to see the blending of old and new and the obvious respect for past. We stepped off the metro, constructed under the much older surface city, out into the streets lined with buildings constructed in the combination of gothic, romanesque, and contemporary styles all within a city block. Walking into the cathedrals was humbling in the sense of reverence, whether a believer or not, with the inner atmosphere quite the opposite of the bustling city outside the doors. The tourists, us included, were lively and snapping pictures everywhere, yet still quiet and moved about cautiously as if mass were about to start.

We got lost multiple times while walking through the city. Every turn and alleyway held something new and different. Food and drink were the staple of many of the open plazas and made up little worlds of their own in which we could immerse ourselves while enjoying some tapas and cervezas. Although we only spent one day in this beautiful city, it was enough to make us want to come back, but also made us excited to continue our travels into the countryside and onto the Camino.