Shaping the Leader Inside of Me

By Ali S.
Group 6

The Camino de Santiago is something that I had little knowledge of. After learning more about the spiritual aspect of the Camino, and the concept of connecting to your authentic self, that is what really appealed to me. My call to the Camino is about shaping the leader inside of me, and it’s about having the ability to lead from within. I am a leadership minor and the leadership component of this trip really appealed to me in terms of being able to overcome adversity and obstacles by having a positive outlook. The past couple of years in my life were full of negativity and an unstable mentality. I feel a longing to complete the Camino to better understand my spirituality and life purpose. I want to maintain a more positive lifestyle, and I want to have the ability to push through difficult barriers. I believe the Camino will help me achieve this goal.