Shopping in León

By Chaselle M.
Group 5

We check out of out hotel rooms at noon today but our group doesn’t need to leave for the train station until 13:30. I head out in the morning to see a bit more of León before we leave this beautiful, but expensive place. I run into Lukens-Bull on my morning stroll. I hit up the tobacco store for some cutesy lighters with nuns smoking pot because THAT’S funny. I start heading back to the hotel but stop when I see I am faced with a bazaar. These are Chinese stores with anything and everything you can imagine for very cheap. I head in there to grab the fan I assume I’ll need for the Camino. In there I find Lukens-Bull shopping around as well. It takes a minute to organize your thoughts in there because there is just so much to look at. I find the fans, purchase mine and leave. I reach the hotel, we pack up our belongings and head to the train station. Today we have to switch trains, which might prove to be a bit difficult since we’re rolling about 30 deep at this point. All goes well with the train switch we make it to Sarria and find our hotel for the night to get some good sleep, hopefully, before our first day of walking 14 miles tomorrow.