Embarking on an Ancient Pilgrimage

By Jillian R.
Group 6

When I was younger I had a few ideas about what 25 would look like. I suppose I thought I’d have a degree or two, maybe a house with a yard. Instead I find myself about to embark on an ancient pilgrimage stretching across Europe. And so here I am. I don’t own any property and the sum of my bank account isn’t impressive. I was told these were the things that would define the success of my life. I promise you they don’t. The things that have defined my life thus far are the promises I’ve kept to myself. To travel, to fill my longing… the wild spaces of myself with the ones on this earth, the ones of others. The only thing this life has to mean something to, is you. 

There are so many paths to chose from, and perhaps our paths look different than our friends or our parents. We’re all just swirling around in this fish bowl, all heading in different directions on different paths. We all have schedules and plans and places to get to. But for a split second, we cross paths and if only for a moment we were in the same place. What a small world we live in. We all have a story to tell, experience to share, and love to give. That’s the call I feel. We’re all just walking each other home and in this case all the way to Santiago de Compostela.