I am Ready to Go!

By Ian T.
Group 6

I have just finished packing and believe I have brought enough (I’ll find out in Spain). The most important item I have pack is probably my shoes. They will provide great comfort as we walk El Camino. I have packed my Cousineau book to read on the plane, so I should go over the longing, the call, and departure. My longing for this trip stems from a general curiosity to travel the world and find myself. The call was in Dr. Sheffler’s crusades class. When he discussed it I fell in love with idea of going on pilgrimage and studying the Spanish countryside. I am feeling the excitement for this trip as I begin my departure down to Miami. However, my first excitement for departure started in March when I bought my hiking shoes and started to prepare for the trip. My boarding passes are printed and my seats are picked. I am ready to go!