Rooftop Night In Sleepy Melide

By Nicholas I.
Group 1

We started today’s walk early this morning after the requisite breakfast of toast and coffee. Today’s walk was nice and easy, only a 12k day, with beautiful scenery throughout. The forest we walked through was absolutely stunning and seemed to bring about times of deep reflection and silence. The temperature for our hike couldn’t have been any better. Cool and cloudy with pockets of sun here there. The cafés were scattered a little further today, and more scarce, but made the cervezas taste a little better.

As we arrived to the boring town of Melide, we had a feeling this town was not going to be as exciting as some of the others. The town seemed to only exist due to the increasing interest of the modern Camino because the buildings only seemed a few decades old and the town square was a little under developed. Even though there was a small carnival in town that day, everyone was already tired from the walk and the lack of interest in the town contributed further to the long siesta everyone participated in once we made it to the hotel. However, after everyone was rested well enough, many of us gathered our reserved energy to make it to the rooftop of the hotel to watch the beautiful sunset while enjoying some cervazas. Not every day on the Camino can be picturesque and amazing, but you have to make the best of it either way — such is life.