A Sense of Longing

By Andre S.
Group 3

Throughout my life I have traveled only within North America. While those adventures were incredibly unique in their own way, I’ve always wanted to go to Europe and experience something completely different. This desire to travel to Europe grew dramatically in high school when I saw several close friends of mine visit Europe and Asia for long periods of time. When they returned to the United States, I could see how dramatically many of them changed, as well as the incredible sites they saw. Ever since then, I have felt a sense of longing to go to Europe. The instant I found out about this study abroad program, I knew I had to do it. Prior to taking this course, I knew very little about Santiago de Compostela and pilgrimage in general. Throughout the short amount of time we have studied, I believe we have learned a great deal about the Camino. I hope to experience something completely different and new on this trip, as well as witness the incredible history that surrounds the Camino.