A collection of sound recordings captured throughout our travels in Spain.
We hope that you will enjoy listening to them.

Bells Tolling at the Royal Collegiate Church in Roncesvalles

Ten o'clock bells sounding at Real Colegiata de Santa María de Roncesvalles.

Raindrops at the Royal Collegiate Church in Roncesvalles

Rain dripping near the archways at Real Colegiata de Santa María de Roncesvalles.

Sheep May Safely Graze

Sheep grazing and bleating in Roncesvalles.

Early Morning Walk in the Pyrenees

Our early morning excursion through the clouds in Roncesvalles.

Cow Bells in the Pyrenees

Cows grazing in the Pyrenees.

Caballero at Irache

A horse and rider passing by near El Santa María la Real de Irache.

Fly Catcher at Burgos Cathedral

Inside the Burgos Cathedral is the Fly Catcher, also known as Papamosca, who opens and closes his mouth each time the bell chimes as though catching flies.


Guitarist in Burgos

Street performer at El Paseo del Espolón, the popular landscaped and wooded walk in Burgos.

Birds and Bells at Santo Domingo de Silos

Birds and bells tolling the three-quarter hour at the Abbey of Santo Domino de Silos.

Call to Vespers in Santo Domingo de Silos

Clear bell chimes calling over city blocks at the Abbey of Santo Domino de Silos.

Escuela Municipal de Música "Antonio de Cabezón"

Students practicing at the Municipal School of Music "Antonio de Cabezón" in Burgos.

Street Market in León

Vendors selling their wares and customers negotiating purchases at an outdoor market in León.

Camino Dogs

Dogs barking on the Camino near Palas de Rei.

Hungry Sheep on the Camino

A flock of hungry sheep anticipating their midday meal, just outside of Melide.

Scouts at Mesón a Ponte

Italian scout troop singing at the Mesón a Ponte restaurant and bar in Melide.

Goat Near O Pedrouzo

A baby goat catching up with its mother.

Lavacolla Airport

On the Camino near Lavacolla, where the Airport of Santiago de Compostela is located.

Getting our Compostela in Santiago

After walking the required 100 km and collecting the stamps on the Credencial del Peregrino (also known as the Passport) from the places we passed through to certify that we had been there, we received our official document from the church in Santiago. Stamps from churches, hostels, monasteries, cathedrals and all places related to the Way are preferred, but they can also be stamped in other institutions: town halls, cafés, etc. You have to stamp the Credencial twice a day at least on the last 100 km.

Bells in Praza do Obradoiro

Noon bells tolling in the Praza do Obradoiro, west of the main facade of the Santiago de Compostela cathedral.

Bagpipes in Santiago de Compostela

Galician gaiteiros (pipers) and drums in the streets of Santiago.

Singing in Santiago de Compostela

Local Galician men gather to hang out and play music together.