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Plaza de la Inmaculada
(Plaza of the Immaculate [Conception])

The Plaza de la Inmaculada, or Plaza de la Azabachería, is located between the north facade of Santiago Cathedral and San Martín Pinario. The Plaza is the last section of the Camino Francés before entering the final destination of Plaza del Obradoiro in the monumental center of Santiago de Compostela.

Plaza del Obradoiro
(Plaza of the Workshop)

The main square of Santiago de Compostela and the historic destination for the Camino Frances, west of the main facade of the Santiago de Compostela cathedral.

Puente sobre el Río Tambre en Ponte Maceira
(Bridge Over the Tambre River in Ponte Maceira)

The 13th century bridge in Ponte Maceira. 


Modern Windmills Overlooking Finisterre

Spain is the second most important country in the European Union for wind farming and the third most important country in the world.  

(The End of the World)

When you arrive at the End of the World, you arrive on a coastline that is rocky and treacherous.  


La Costa de Muerte
(The Coast of Death)

Directly exposed to the Atlantic Ocean, the shore of la Costa de Muerte gets its name from the many shipwrecks along its betraying jagged shore.