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Real Colegiata de Santa Maria de Roncesvalles
(The Royal Collegiate Church of Roncesvalles) 

Since the Middle Ages, this collegiate church in the Spanish Pyrenees has been a favorite resting place for pilgrims along the Way of St. James.

Contando Ovejas en Roncesvalles
(Counting Sheep in Roncesvalles) 

Sheep grazing in the hills of the Spanish Basque Country.


Escalera Dorada, Catedral Burgos
(Golden Staircase, Burgos Cathedral) 

The Golden Staircase by Diego de Siloé, built in the 16th century and inspired in the Italian Renaissance.

Portrait Room, Burgos Cathedral

Portraits in the Burgos Cathedral. 

Puestos del Coro, Burgos Catedral
(Choir Stalls, Burgos Cathedral

The stalls of the choir Renaissance Plateresque work by French architect Felipe Bigarny.

Plaza Mayor, Burgos
(Main Square)

The colorful heart of Burgos where locals, pilgrims and tourists gather.

Plaza Rey San Fernando, Burgos
(King San Fernando Square)

Historic buildings at the Plaza Rey San Fernando in front of the Cathedral in Burgos.

Los Frescos de la Capilla de Miraflores, Burgos
(The Frescos of the Chapel of Miraflores)

Frescoes on walls and ceiling of side chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Miraflores.